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It’s Your Choice, But Choose Wisely

We understand that the highest NET at closing is one of the most important considerations when selecting a broker.  A lot of sellers feel that all agents are the same, so I understand why many choose the agent offering the lowest fee.  It is very important to understand that an agent’s value is based on all of the intangible skills you never see or experience during the process, not who has the shiniest flyers or the largest billboard.  Here is some critical information to consider before deciding:

Let Us Manage The Journey

Leverage Our Team's Experience, Connections and Values to Negotiate the Best Price & Terms for YOU!

Billy O’Keefe

Aggressive advocate with proven strategies

I am a professionally trained negotiator, with proven negotiation strategies that will net you more money than what you will save with a discount broker.
Not only do I fight for the best price and terms, but for everything else through the entire process (repair requests, appraisals, extensions, etc.). I will never let you get into a bad deal!

Highest level of care/attention to detail

24 years of experience, with over 1500 home sales. I know how to see around corners, mitigate landmines, and solve problems. We have an excellent reputation with agents and brokers, and they like working with us because our process is smooth, and we are easy to work with. This gives us an advantage during negotiations upfront, and during the escrow process. I am also a member of the Grievance Committee for the Las Vegas Board of Realtors.

Exceptionally smooth and efficient process

You can rest easy knowing we have every detail covered and will protect your interests and earnest money. We will handle all of the details!

Social proof of successful outcomes

Over 750, 5-Star reviews online…more than any other individual agent. I am fully transparent (I will provide the name/number from any past client).

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and a keen grasp of psychology

This is critical from start to finish on every transaction. There are many players involved in every sale including agents, brokers, inspectors, buyers, appraisers, contractors, title and escrow, lenders, etc. Managing all of these people requires a lot of attention and EQ. If anything is mishandled during the process, such as a phone call or a delicate situation when emotions are high, it could lead to problems that cost you money and time, or even your sale to fall apart. With me at the helm you won’t have to worry about any of these issues.

High level of availability

Between me and my staff, we have very liberal daily hours and we also work weekends. We will never leave you hanging or put you in jeopardy of losing a sale or having a deadline pass without resolution. These mistakes can cost you $1000’s! A high level of communication is critical. Oftentimes quick responses make huge differences in the level of success we attain.

Service Guarantees (You Have NO RISK!!!)

  1. I will never keep you stuck in a contract.  If you feel I am not representing your best interests properly, or doing an exceptional job, we can amicably part ways.
  2. If you don’t feel like I earned my commission, I will refund part of it back to you at your request at closing.

Other Brokers

Volume based

Most agents cannot dedicate the full effort for each client to get the best price and terms. Brokers are usually paper pushers, leaving you to fight your own battles.

Their processes are inefficient

We deal with other brokers all the time and we are constantly chasing them for paperwork, and they are often pushing timeframes and asking for extensions, or even worse, forgetting about deadlines! This can cost you money and time, and a good deal if they aren’t careful.

Limited availability

This business requires long hours and weekends, and most agents are not easy to get in touch with before/after hours and on weekends. Timing is critical in our business, and a missed phone call, or a text that is not responded to quickly, can cost a sale or create a big problem during the process.

You Are Stuck!

Once you sign a contract you are stuck regardless of the level of service. I have come across many people over the years that were extremely frustrated and upset because their agent made promises that they could not deliver, and they could not get out of their contract.

Not solution oriented

  1. Most brokers will not put the time and energy into solving problems.  Their mindset is not on the best service, but the path of least resistance.  You would be doing yourself and your family a disservice if you didn’t ask these 5 questions before you hire an agent:
  1. What is your process for helping me select the best pricing strategy for my current situation?
  2. Can you take me through your specific negotiation strategy that will get me the best price and terms?
  3. How do you handle the appraisal process to get the highest value, and what do you do if there is a value issue?
  4. What are your hours of availability?
  5. Do you have any service guarantees?

Consider these especially important questions as you are deciding who you want to handle your family’s most important investment. The stakes are too high not to.

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